Super Absorbent

Super effective

Absorbent granules for oil, paint, food and many kinds of spills.

Instazorb is the next generation super absorbent, composed of a 100% natural non-crystalline volcanic mineral treated with a proprietory surfactant mixture to produce an absorbent with incredible efficiency that actively draws up and retains split liquids into its structure whilst being incredibly lightweight.

So, what do these features mean and how do they

benefit the user?

• Fantastic absorbence capacity: up to 465% of its own weight

• Flexible – can be used in many different spill situations.

• Improved ISO 14001 compliance – you dispose much more spill product than absorbent!

• Lightweight means ease of deployment.

• Retains spills once absorbed.

• Leaves a safe non slip surface in use and no residue following clean up.

• Will not attack or corrode surfaces in use.

• Very quick to use – pour on the product and sweep with a stiff broom – no other equipment or waiting required!

• No MSDS or safety implications.

• No risk of silicosis from airborne silica dust in use.

How much absorbing product do you need to

absorb 10 litres of diesel?


2.2 KG


15.7 KG


18.7 KG

Development Through

The Years

InstaZorb can even get up to
6 times the absorption capacity of the
nearest competition.

Super Absorbent in the making

Instazorb is appropriately called a “super absorbent”, not only because of its high absorption capacity, but also because of its extraordinary versatility. It is “non select”, meaning it does not have a limited range of efficacy. Instazorb is not injurious to humans, animals, soil, concrete, asphalt, tile, or plants. It contains no reactive chemicals, is not toxic, flammable, or biodegradable, and is environmentally safe and friendly. Instazorb is also approved for use in food processing facilities. Instazorb is wholly processed from an inert, expanded volcanic mineral treated with a patented surfactant. Due to their structure, Instazorb particles provide a tremendous amount of surface area when compared to their weight. This structure allows for excellent surface tension, contributing to the exceptional absorption qualities of the product. In effect, Instazorb turns the spilled liquid into a solid that can be disposed of easily. Because it is lightweight and so simple to use, it dramatically reduces clean up costs, as well as the ever-increasing costs of disposal.

Instazorb Demo

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Instazorb leaves a safe non slip
surface in use and no
residue following clean up.