Benefits of using Instazorb

Instazorb instantly absorbs all kinds of liquids, of any viscosity, off any hard surface, leaving that surface clean and dry. This includes spills of chemical, mineral, petroleum, animal, and vegetable liquids. It has virtually unlimited uses as a dry absorbent that is safe in all applications. It is a fast, thorough, and easy way to absorb spills of liquids and semiliquids (such as heavy greases) on contact and turn them into a solid that can easily be swept away.

Here you can find our range of Instazorb products.

Designed for conveniently tackling multiple small spills.  The jar also comes with a resealable lid.

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Ideal for small spills in environments like laboratories, domestic, education, catering and more.

Commercial or industrial scale

(best value per pallet – 60 bags = 1680L / pallet = lower shipping costs)

Commercial or industrial scale

(best value per pallet – 50 bags = 1400L / pallet)

1700 Litre Sack

High volume and process users

(Best possible per litre value = 2 x 1700 per pallet)

How much absorbing product do you need to

absorb 10 litres of diesel?


2.2 KG


15.7 KG


18.7 KG

Instazorb Demo

Length 1:28
Instazorb leaves a safe non slip
surface in use and no
residue following clean up.