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InstaZorb seems very expensive, why should I pay more for something that I will throw away?

Per litre of absorbent granule, InstaZorb is extremely cost effective due to its very high absorbance capacity that can be up to 4.6:1 – spill : InstaZorb compared to other granules on the market. Consider also the cost benefits from being able to resolve spill situations faster and with a reduction in other consumables such as water, mops and cleaning chemicals.

What competition is there to InstaZorb?

Within the spill control sector, there are many alternative types of granules, clays, saw dusts, ‘kitty litters’ and groats that pick up oils. These are a response to years of demand for a means of spill control that will absorb many different types of spills. Before InstaZorb there was no universal alternative to all these products!

Absorbent mats are favoured within some industrial settings as they are more convenient, but do not truly resolve the entirety of a spill situation. Mats cannot cope with paint, chemicals or solids such as foodstuffs and bodily wastes.

In what sort of location can I use InstaZorb?

Nearly anywhere with facilities that are affected by spills that need to be cleaned up quickly and effectively. This can be schools, homes, hospitals, police stations, factories, fuel stations, supermarkets, DIY stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, garages, logistics centres – the list is endless!

Can I use InstaZorb outside?

Of course! Also different grain sizes are available for use outside in higher winds.

Will InstaZorb work on carpets?

On certain artificial short wefts, yes. However, InstaZorb needs to be in direct contact with a spill to work by absorption, so on longer wefts and especially natural carpets InstaZorb will work though will not totally resolve a spill.

Will InstaZorb react with other products?
Other than the potent Hydrofluoric acid, InstaZorb will not have any adverse reactions in the presence of other materials.

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Instazorb Demo

Length 1:09
Instazorb is very quick to use.
Simply pour on the product and sweep
with a stiff broom. No other
equipment or waiting required.

Instazorb is great for spills like paint, messhalls, garages, receptions, foyers and corridors  in any clients buildings are quickly removed producing a saving in time and labour for sub contractors all with just one product. Instazorb is also approved for use in food processing facilities.