Instazorb is

100% natural

InstaZorb is completely natural, its base is a volcanic rock extracted in Greece and Turkey, which is then ground and introduced to an oven then treated with a 100% natural surfactant mix, following our own process, that gives InstaZorb its fantastic absorbent properties.

NON-BIODEGRADABLE, Yes, fortunately, that’s what InstaZorb is … We all think systematically, that BIODEGRADATION is something good, without giving it much thought.  Consider this though, if the absorbent used post spill is biodegradable and the liquid absorbed isn’t … in such a case the liquid will escape.  InstaZorb will retain it until it is disposed of in the correct fashion as per the spilt products handling requirements!


Thanks to InstaZorb’s lightness, with an average density of 0.1 and a massive power of absorption (465% of its own weight), there is no other absorbent that can compete with it.  InstaZorb accounts for 20% of the spill weight being processed in comparison to 60% of the same weight when looking at other absorbents.


Also, as a final recycling effort, InstaZorb can be incinerated by waste disposal companies and thanks to its caloric charge can be used to produce lightened concrete.  Cement manufacturers love it!