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100% natural, super absorbent granules. Rapid absorbance on contact for all types diesel, paint and oil spills and more.

If you are a distributor, reseller or a facilities manager, request your free sample today to see this revolutionary product in person.

Spill Absorbent from Instazorb is the most advanced, extremely lightweight and easy to transport absorbent on the market.

spill absorbent

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Instazorb is 100% natural.

Spill absorbent InstaZorb is completely natural, its base is a volcanic rock extracted in Greece and Turkey.

“I highly recommend this spill absorbent Instazorb to anyone looking for a robust and environmentally friendly absorbent. Spills are quickly and effectively removed allowing customers access to product as well as a reduction in the labour cost required to resolve accidents.”

Environment Friendly Solutions

InstaZorb is completely natural, its base is a volcanic rock extracted in Greece and Turkey, which is then ground and introduced to an oven then treated with a 100% natural surfactant mix, following our own process, that gives InstaZorb its fantastic absorbent properties.

Fresh & Different Approach

InstaZorb has 3 to 4 times the absorbing capacity of the nearest competition (Example: 100 g of InstaZorb to absorb 463 g of oil).

Our powerful spill absorbent is ideal for oil, paint, food, petrol or diesel, any type of chemical or fuels too.  Contact us to let us know about your spill absorbent requirements.

Development Through The Years

Instazorb arrived in Europe over 10 years ago, and since then has been changing the habits of professionals in a range of industries in ways that were not thought possible with an absorbent granule! Now available in the UK.

Need to find out more about Instazorb? We have a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Process Measurement & Analysis are the exclusive importers of Instazorb into the UK, and we welcome all trade and distribution enquiries. Call us on 01484 843 708.

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